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Creative Planet School

Creative Planet School or the ArtsCreative Planet, School of the Arts is a private arts magnet dedicated to providing a space for accelerated Academic training, intense Arts education, creative expression, and community outreach. By offering a disciplined and challenging curriculum that strives towards academic excellence through high expectations coupled with high energy teaching; we intend to provide a gifted-level of education to all children regardless of pre-conceived abilities or previous standards. We hold to the belief that students who are creatively challenged, believed in, and given a clean slate to learn upon can achieve high levels of academia beyond their present expectations.

By offering a diverse selection of classes in music, dance, acting and the visual arts taught by high level professionals from the entertainment and arts communities; we intend to provide an equal opportunity for children from all racial, financial, social and geographical situations a chance to explore and/or pursue the Arts. We hold to the belief that students who are well rounded in the Arts have higher levels of self-esteem, become outgoing leaders in high school and college and develop creative tools to tackles whatever they pursue in life.

By providing an arena for creative expression, we intend to give the youth of our communities new and healthy ways to express their issues while steering them away from more destructive ones. We hold to the belief that enabling children with the minds to create, the hands to build and the voices to be heard; nurtures positive and artistic communication skills.

By supporting and fostering community and humanitarian event with the talents developed at Creative Planet, we intend to instill within our students a sense of responsibility for the environment, social ills and personal needs of their communities. We hold to the belief that the Arts are a viable source of cultivating tolerance, providing healing and promoting change.

Creative Planet, School of the Arts is dedicated to the integration of Academia and the Arts in order to provide our communities’ children with a wider scope of possibility.